Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is such a sad video but I hope you stick watching it 'til the end.

Watching this video made me think about my Chinese history, which isn't much since I was born and raised in the Philippines. What if my grandfather didn't leave China? What if he decided to stay there and just be with his wife? What would become of us? Will my two aunts be born? I am privileged that my Dad is a first son, but I don't think I can fathom my grandfather abandoning my aunts because they're girls. And looking at it, my Dad would feel insanely blessed after having my brother, and they wouldn't opt to have another child, or children, in our case. It's sad but it also makes me grounded and humbled. It reminds me that I am already thankful for the gift of life and whatever that may come with it are just huge perks of living. I may complain and cuss, I know, but it's a journey I'd like to share with everyone. 

I wasn't expecting that this will be my welcome entry as I share this blog to everyone. My sole prayer is that it reaches the people it's supposed to reach on the time they need an uplift most.

Happy reading everyone! Keep on loving love.


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