Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Food entry.

Okay, this is crazy. I'm gonna be talking about food. My favorite. Hmmmm!

I was famished after a long day at work yesterday. I decided to check my Twitter. Lo and behold, Pedeli replied to my tweet to my DJ friends! (Hey Neil and Scarlet! *grins*) It was a tweet from long ago, okay, not that long. It made me decide to grab food there before heading to Shangrila.

I walked to Pedeli's from the office. It's pretty near, about 10 minutes away. I hurriedly went inside the building. without asking the guard where it is exactly. Yes, I got lost in the building's little labyrinth. Fortunately, I saw someone who works there.

I met Eboy there, and eventually Peter too. We had a long talk! It was purely good times. I had vegan caesar salad, leche flan and A&W cream soda all for a very friendly price of P215. (Pictures to follow, I can't find my usb cable.) I specifically like the dressing of the salad. It has the right texture and creaminess. I seriously can't wait to go back.

I'm thrilled to share that  meeting other people makes me know myself more. Eboy and I talked about why and how I became a vegetarian. I appreciate practicality. I appreciate my decisions more.

By the way, *scratches head* I get really star struck when I meet celebrities. I think I blushed last night when I met Eboy. He was part of the Pinoy edition of The Biggest Loser! I am really proud of his story. I hope he continues his path to healthy living. Kudos, bro!

One more thing, before I left the office, I saw a girl wearing neon pink Dr. Martens. I just had to take a photo. Again, I'll upload it soon. Wee!

On a serious note, when we just choose to be happy with the simple things around us, we get contented. You don't lose the will to go on and move forward though, because you just do it. I hope we all find contentment everyday, so that before we close our eyes to sleep, we can gratify the universe for a lovely day - no matter what happened.

Cheers to happiness!


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