Friday, October 21, 2011

Healthy > Beauty

What does it take to be healthy? How does beauty equate in being healthy? What are you willing to do to be considered beautiful? What are you willing to do to be healthy? This is a concern I want to raise to everyone. Why do people have to suffer for the sake of being accepted? Wouldn't the world be a happier one if we just forget about judging other people?

This is a challenge for everyone, yes, myself included. (I'd probably top the list if it does exists.) If we are serious in making this place a peaceful one, then we must lessen (or stop) judging others. Everyone has and has been judged. Be complete. Let today be a forgive and forget Friday. Let go, let God.

Thank you guys for reading! Happy weekend! Oooh, November 07 is a holiday! Well, in the Philippines, it is!

Keep on loving love, and please, keep positivity coming. <3<3


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