Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank you, universe.

I had a lot of ideas about today's short article. But I've allowed myself to be succumbed by negativity. I apologize. Upon making it to the office, I just proclaimed that I'm gonna be fine and that I'll let go of everything. A long series of bad things tried to pull me down but streaks of happiness started popping here, there and everywhere.

Chloe, a nurse, just sent me an SMS that she has just signed a contract with PGH, her dream hospital.

Clare, my seatmate, showed me this.

One more thing, my veggie smoothies from Rawlicious are coming this afternoon! I'm psyched. Thank you, Joana!

The universe has a different way to play. Just have an open mind, a child-like spirit, and be ready to play. (:
Happy weekend, friend. Remember, #KPC!

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