Monday, October 24, 2011


The service yesterday reminded me of my worth, my stand in my relationship, and the stand of women in general. I appreciate how the universe is teaching me how to submit to men (specifically to my partner) intelligently. My feminist friends may claim that what I'm saying completely opposes what they are fighting for but come to think of it, there's truth in it. I think. We're given freewill and intellect to decide, yes. But we're also given a meek and submissive side. This may not work for everyone but it feels good to be pursued by a man who knows your worth and eventually submit to him - not because the world or your religion says it's right. But because it's what your heart is saying.

Women, if you're in a relationship wherein your partner treats you less than how you're supposed to be treated, let's talk. Don't end the relationship right away. Who knows? You still might be able to save it. (: But in general, if anyone else (man or woman) is trying to make you feel less than your worth, just believe in the power and the bigness that is (already) you. When you start believing, it will just radiate and people will start giving you the respect, and love, and all things happy (and sparkly) that you deserve.

Yes, I may not have enjoyed Peter Pan that much but the story that J.M. Barrie will always be in my head. Believing in something can and may save a life. (whispers: "I do believe in fairies!") Know your worth. Trials will come but who says you're on your battle alone? The whole universe is with you. Smile.

So how was your weekend? (:


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